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Chapter 9. Using the iPod’s Calendar, Co... > Keeping Track of Time with the iPod ... - Pg. 130

130 Chapter 9. Using the iPod's Calendar, Contact Manager, and Other Non-Music Tools IN THIS CHAPTER · · · · Use your iPod like it is a $2 watch. Keep your appointments by placing calendar events on your iPod's calendar. Take your contact information with you wherever you go. Store text gems on your iPod so you can read them at your leisure. The iPod is all about music, but it also can do a number of other useful things that might not be obvious to you. These "other things" include providing an alarm clock, displaying a calendar, show- ing contact information, displaying text notes, and even playing games. Although none of these features alone would make the iPod great, they are nice extras, which is, I suppose, why they are located on the Extras menu.