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Chapter 21. Touring the iTunes Music Sto... > What Can You Do with Music You Buy f...

What Can You Do with Music You Buy from the iTunes Music Store?

The answer to this question is, just about anything you can do with any other music in your iTunes Library. Of course, “just about” means that there are some limitations on the music you get from the iTunes Music Store. However, you aren’t likely to ever find these very limiting (unless you are trying to do something you shouldn’t be doing anyway). So, following are the exceptions that make iTunes Music Store music slightly different from the music you import from a CD:

  • You can listen to music you purchase from the iTunes Music Store on up to five computers at the same time. For most people, this isn’t a limitation because they don’t have more than five computers anyway (maybe one at work and a couple at home). Even if you have more than five computers, it is easy to authorize and deauthorize computers to enable them to play iTunes Music Store music as needed.


    Although the iTunes Music Store has an enormous amount of music available in it, it doesn’t contain music from every artist. Some music companies have chosen not to place their music in the iTunes Music Store—for now. The inventory in the iTunes Music Store is continually increasing, and because of its dramatic success, my guess is that most of these holdouts will eventually join the party.

  • You can burn to disc the same playlist containing iTunes Music Store up to seven times. So, you can create up to seven copies of the same CD or DVD. You aren’t ever likely to really want to create that many copies of a disc, so this isn’t really much of a limitation either. Besides, all you have to do is change one song in a playlist and then you can burn the changed playlist onto up to seven more discs.

  • You are supposed to use the music you purchase for personal use only. Of course, this is the same limitation for the audio CDs you buy, too.



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