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Chapter 15. Labeling, Categorizing, and ... > Configuring a Song’s Options

Configuring a Song’s Options

You can configure a number of options for the songs in your Library, including the following:

  • Relative Volume—You can change a song’s relative volume so that it is either louder or quieter than “normal.” This is useful if a song was recorded at a relatively high or low volume level that makes it either jarring or difficult to hear when you play it with other songs.

  • Equalizer Preset—You can use the iTunes Equalizer to configure the relative volume of sound frequencies. You’ll learn about the Equalizer in Chapter 18, “Equalizing Your Music.”


    Remember that you can use the Sound Check feature to have iTunes try to equalize the volume of the songs you play.

  • My Rating—You can give tunes a rating from one to five stars. You can use ratings in various ways, such as to create criteria for playlists (such as include only my five-star songs) or to sort the Content pane.

  • Start and Stop Time—You can set songs to start or stop at certain points in the track. This can be useful if you don’t want to hear all of a track, such as when a song has an introduction that you don’t want to hear each time the song plays.


    The Start Time setting is particularly useful for live albums on which the artist has introductions to one or more songs. If you listen to the album frequently, hearing the introductions over and over again can be annoying. Use the Start Time setting so that the song starts playing at the music and you won’t have to wait for the introduction to be done before you get to the good stuff.



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