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Part II: iTunes > Touring iTunes - Pg. 161

161 Chapter 11. Touring iTunes IN THIS CHAPTER · · · · · · Figure out why iTunes will rock your world. Learn to speak in three-letter acronyms (TLAs), such as MP3 and AAC. Visit the Library. Learn the best three places to get music for your Library. Play with playlists. Meet the digital music triumvirate. With not-very-sincere apologies to Mr. Edison, Apple's iTunes is the best thing to happen to music since the phonograph. This amazing application enables you to do things with your music you might have never dreamed possible. Of course, you can use iTunes to listen to audio CDs, but that is certainly nothing to write home (or a book) about. Any two-bit boom box can do that. That basic task is barely a warm-up for iTunes. If you have never used iTunes before, prepare to be impressed (and