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Chapter 14. Building, Browsing, Searchin... > Understanding Encoding and Other Imp... - Pg. 222

Building, Browsing, Searching, and Playing Your iTunes Music Library 222 Setting Other Organization Preferences The location of the folder in which your music will be stored is likely the most important part of the organization preferences. However, you'll need to understand a couple more preferences. These are also located on the Advanced pane of the iTunes Preferences dialog box: Caution If you have iTunes copy files to your iTunes Music folder when you add them to your Library, be aware that it does actually make a copy of the file you are adding. This means you will have two files for each song you add to the Library. After you have successfully added songs to your Library, you should delete the song files from their original location so that you aren't wasting disk space. · Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized--This preference causes iTunes to organize your music as described earlier--that is, by artist, album, and song. Because this is a logical way to organize your music files, I recommend that you leave this option active by making sure this check box is checked.