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Chapter 15. Working with a Database > Sorting and Filtering - Pg. 166

Working with a Database 166 You switch views by using the view buttons on the Works Database toolbar or by pulling down the View menu and selecting either List or Form. Editing Your Database Once you've designed your database, it's time to fill it up. That means entering data into the individual records--and adding as many records as necessary. Adding Data No matter which view you're using, adding data to your database is easy. If you're in List view, you add data to your database as you'd add data to a spreadsheet. Move your cursor to any particular field, and type your data. Use the Tab key to move to the next field in a record; use the Enter key to move to the next record. You might prefer to add data one record at a time, as you'd enter data on an individual card in a file cabinet. Switch to Form view, and enter all the data for the fields in the current record. Use the Tab key to move from field to field; when you reach the end of one record, pressing Tab moves you to the first field of the next record. Adding New Records If you're in List view, adding a new record is as simple as starting to type in the first empty record row. If you're in Form view, just click the Insert Record button; a new blank record appears in the workspace.