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Chapter 25. Sending and Receiving Email > Using Address Book to Manage Your Con... - Pg. 250

Sending and Receiving Email 250 By default, Outlook Express is configured to auto- matically reject files that might contain viruses. You can verify this setting (or turn it off, if you want to receive a file), by opening the Options dialog box, selecting the Security tab, and checking both options in the Virus Protection section. caution Remember, you activate a virus only when you open a file attached to an email message. You can't activate the virus just by viewing the message itself. Using Address Book to Manage Your Contacts Windows includes a contact manager application, called the Address Book , that you can use to store information about your friends, family, and business associates. You can then import this contact information into Outlook Express (to send email), Microsoft Works Calendar (to remind you of birthdays), and Microsoft Word (to personalize letters and address envelopes and labels). Note