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Part III: Using Included Applications > Using the Tablet PC Input Panel - Pg. 115

115 Chapter 8. Using the Tablet PC Input Panel In This Chapter · · · · Input Panel Basics Using the Writing Pad Maximizing Handwriting Recognition Getting More Help with the Online Tutorial The Input Panel is one of the core features of the Tablet PC. The panel allows you to enter hand- written text, turn on voice recognition, and use an on-screen keyboard. Understanding how to use the Input Panel is key to using the special input characteristics of the Tablet PC. Input Panel Basics With the Input Panel, you can use handwriting in any application. This section introduces you to the basics of opening the Input Panel and switching between modes. Opening the Input Panel One way to open the Input Panel is to make three or more quick strokes across the screen with your pen, but without actually touching the screen, as shown in Figure 8.1. This is called the Open Input Panel gesture. The strokes can be made in any direction, not just horizontally. The strokes can be relatively small, but you may want to practice the gesture to get a feel for what works. The strokes should overlap.