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Chapter 18. Useful Software > Niche Tablet PC Applications

Niche Tablet PC Applications

These applications are more for specific industries or niches. Because they are so specific in nature, I will not cover them other than to tell you what they are and where you can find more information about them. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a list of the applications that I have looked into that appear to be valuable for specific users. For more complete coverage of available applications, go to my Web site at http://www.TabletGuru.com and look under the Software section.

Table 18.1. Niche Tablet PC Application List
ApplicationIndustry/PurposeWeb Link
Allscripts TouchWorksPhysician office automationhttp://www.allscripts.com
ColeConnect OrderPad 2003Sales order processing toolhttp://www.coleconnect.com
Criterion Real Estate Dashboard (R.E.D.)Real estatehttp://www.cc-re.com/red_tablet.htm
Cubistix MapSlateLocation analyticshttp://www.cubistix.com/solutions-MapSlate.php
CX Cyberplex/WEBfront Tablet PC Home AppraisalHome appraisalhttp://www.webfront.net/news/devtemplatedetail.asp
Filbitron WriteTRACSales-force automationhttp://www.filbitron.com/software.htm
Finale NotepadSheet-music creation and editinghttp://www.finalemusic.com
MindGenius brainbloomBrainstorming toolhttp://www.ygnius.com
mTuitive Tablet ABCInspection and interviewing data-collection toolhttp://www.mtuitive.com
Pen&Internet riteFormForm tool for handwritten formshttp://www.penandinternet.com
Pen&Internet riteMailInk-based email and noteshttp://www.penandinternet.com
Pen&Internet ritePenImproved handwriting recognitionhttp://www.penandinternet.com
ScanSoft RealSpeakText-to-speechhttp://www.scansoft.com
SketchUp 3D3D sketching toolhttp://www.sketch3d.com
TabletBloggerCreates Web logs, or blogs, with Inkhttp://tblogger.jrj.org/
xThink CalculatorHigh-end calculations using only a penhttp://www.xthink.com/product.html
xThink MathJournalMath equation solving and graphing with only a penhttp://www.xthink.com/mathJournal.html



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