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You have seen the way many different people use their Tablet PCs to perform work and play, and to change the way they interact with the computer. This chapter should have provided a view of how the Tablet PC can work for you. Certainly, this is just a brief glimpse of how the Tablet PC can be used for a range of people. There are countless more roles and responsibilities for which the Tablet PC can be useful.

While you were reading through these examples, you may have taken notes and highlighted the ways you think you can use the Tablet PC, and I encourage you to think of even more ways you could use a Tablet PC. Take 30 minutes and write down the things you think you could do differently using a Tablet PC instead of a traditional computer.

Imagine you have a Tablet PC in front of you. Then ask yourself the following:

  • How does it feel to use a pen?

  • What ways can you use the pen to make your life easier and more productive?

  • Will you use voice recognition? If so, how?

  • What other devices will you need to interact with? What are their requirements, and what will you have to plan for in your Tablet PC purchase?

  • Will you use the wireless networking to work in different places but still have access to information?

  • Will others use your Tablet PC?

  • What is the most important feature of the Tablet PC for you?

  • Will it really help you?

  • What do others think of your Tablet PC?

Think through these questions and ask more of your own. Does the Tablet PC look like a good fit for you? If so, grab one and meet me back here in Chapter 4, “Tablet PC Hardware Configuration,” where we will get into setting the Tablet PC up for your way of doing things.

The Absolute Minimum

Here are the key points to take away from this chapter:

  • Different people have different needs and use their Tablet PCs in different ways.

  • Think through how you want to use your Tablet PC, and get the right hardware and software to help you accomplish that goal.

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