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Chapter 5. Taking Control of Email with ... > Add Another Email Account to the Web... - Pg. 108

Taking Control of Email with the BlackBerry Web Client To send a copy of sent handheld email messages to another email account, first enable the Send a copy of messages to check box just under the Auto BCC heading on the Auto BCC page. Then enter the email address into the edit field just to the right of the check box. This email address will then receive a copy of any messages sent from your handheld device. NOTE The Auto BCC setting only sends copies of messages that you send from your handheld; this setting does not send copies of messages sent to your handheld from other people. In other words, it's simply a handy way to keep a copy of messages you send from your device. 5. Exit and Save Changes When you're finished entering the email address you want to receive copied mail, click the Save button to finish and accept the changes. If you want to cancel the change, just click the Cancel button instead. 31. Add Another Email Account to the Web Client BEFORE YOU BEGIN 24 Create a BlackBerry Web Client Account SEE ALSO 26 Import Your Address Book 30 Copy Your Email Messages to Another Account When you first set up the BlackBerry Web Client, you were given a handheld email account that is associated with your device. When someone sends a message to your handheld email address, the message is immediately delivered to your device as well as to the BlackBerry Web Client. Although you can certainly use this email account exclusively, in all likelihood you have at least one other existing email account that you already use. It's probably safe to say you'd like to be able to incorporate this account(s) into your mobile email experience. Fortunately, adding an existing email account to the BlackBerry Web Client so that your existing email is forwarded to your device is easy. 108