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Chapter 5. Taking Control of Email with the BlackBerry Web Client


23 About Email and the BlackBerry Web Client

24 Create a BlackBerry Web Client Account

25 Configure Web Client Options

26 Import Your Address Book

27 Compose an Email Message Using the Web Client

28 Create an Auto Reply Message

29 Change the Sent from Email Address

30 Copy Your Email Messages to Another Account

31 Add Another Email Account to the Web Client

32 Create an Email Filter

The BlackBerry Web Client is a web-based email tool that enables you to control your device's wireless email functionality through a web interface. Although this might sound a bit odd at first, the idea makes a lot of sense when you consider that the Web provides a ubiquitous access point for tweaking wireless email options and generally managing your mobile email. You aren't tied to a particular email client application, and you can log on to your account from any computer. Although the BlackBerry Web Client isn't for everyone, especially hardcore corporate email users who have access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, it is a godsend for the rest of us who desperately need a simple yet effective means of integrating existing email accounts with our BlackBerry 7100 devices and otherwise keeping our handheld email running smoothly.



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