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Key Terms

Key Terms

Don't let unfamiliar terms discourage you from learning all you can about the BlackBerry 7100 series. If you don't completely understand what one of these words means, flip to the indicated page, read the full definition there, and find techniques related to that term.


A special helper application installed on your device to carry out a specific task, such as allowing you to view a file of an unsupported type. Page 48


A feature of the BlackBerry operating system that serves as a simplified spell checker and also carries out a more general text replacement. 75


A minor Bluetooth security attack where another user sends you an unsolicited message using a Bluetooth connection. 262


A serious Bluetooth security attack where another user gains access to the data on your device using a Bluetooth connection. 262

Bluetooth sniping

The process of using specially modified equipment to send and receive Bluetooth signals over a much longer range than intended. 262


The field of knowledge associated with converting information from its normal, comprehensible format into an incomprehensible format, rendering it unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient. 340


Stands for Comma Separated Values, a file format in which text data is listed in order and separated by commas. 107

Digital signature

An electronic ID, logically akin to a handwritten signature, used to securely identify a person as well as to encrypt and decrypt messages they send and receive. 340


The process of converting information from its normal, comprehensible format into an incomprehensible format, rendering it unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient. 340


Stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, a unique number assigned to every mobile device. 100


A combination of a country/region and a language. Page 75


A special symbol that references a piece of information stored on your device such as the date, time, owner name, or phone number. Using AutoText, macros make it possible to insert such information by simply typing a short word. 75

Mailing list

A group of contacts with whom you interact with as if they were a single entity; you can send an email message to an entire group of people by addressing the message to a single mailing list. 274

Multi tap

A popular handheld input mode in which you press a key multiple times to access the additional letters, numbers, and symbols printed on the face of the key. Switch from SureType mode to multi tap mode by holding down the Next key for about a second. 27


Also shortened to OTA, the type of application installation that takes place over a wireless network connection to an application provider. The application is installed wirelessly “over the air,” as opposed to using a direct connection with a desktop PC. 196


A short password similar to a PIN code used to gain access to a Bluetooth device. 254

PIM client

Stands for personal information manager client, an application used to access and manage personal information, such as contacts, appointments, and tasks. 107


Stands for personal identification number, a number up to eight digits long that uniquely identifies your BlackBerry device. You use the device's PIN for configuration purposes as well as to send text messages directly to another BlackBerry device. 45

Push email

A type of email delivery in which email is sent immediately to the email client without the client having to check for available messages periodically. Page 98

Service book

Used to support a specific service on your device, such as remote address lookup for email or wireless calendar synchronization. You can add new services to your device by obtaining service books for them. 184

SIM card

Stands for Subscriber Identity Module card, a small, rectangular, plastic card that acts as an ID card for a mobile device. A SIM card stores the phone number for your device, along with contacts if you choose to store them there. 212


Stands for Short Message Service, a text messaging protocol in which messages are addressed to a phone number or special code and sent through a wireless service provider. 145


Research In Motion's (RIM's) key-entry technology that intelligently analyzes what you type and figures out which letter you intend from the context of what you're typing. 18


A set of images, icons, fonts, and colors that determines the visual look and feel of the BlackBerry user interface. 37

Translator application

An application that handles the translation of PIM data between your device and your desktop PC. 45

Unified instant messaging

A single instant messaging client that supports several instant messaging services. 179


Stands for Wireless Application Protocol, a protocol similar to the popular HTTP, but designed for delivering compact Web pages over a wireless network to mobile devices. 184



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