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Chapter 7. Instant Messaging with Your B... > About Instant Messages - Pg. 147

Chapter 7. Instant Messaging with Your BlackBerry IN THIS CHAPTER: 42 About Instant Messages 43 Set Up Instant Messaging 44 Manage Your IM Contacts 45 Carry On an IM Conversation 46 About Instant Messaging Services Email, SMS, and PIN messages all provide useful approaches for communicating with other people using your BlackBerry device. However, they suffer from a common problem in that they tend to have a delayed sense to them in terms of how rapidly you can carry on a dialogue with someone. Granted, push email messaging helps in terms of delivering messages rapidly, but for the true feel of a live conversation, look toward instant messaging as opposed to email, SMS, or PIN messaging. Instant messaging involves a live "connection" to another device to which you can send and receive messages in real time. Not only does instant messaging have a perceived effect of being faster than other messaging options, the user interface for instant messaging is typically structured more like a conversation. This chapter introduces you to instant messaging as it pertains to your BlackBerry 7100 device.