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Part: I Getting Started with Your BlackB... > Managing Your BlackBerry from a Desk...

Chapter 3. Managing Your BlackBerry from a Desktop PC


8 Install the BlackBerry Desktop Software

9 Connect Your Device to Your PC

10 Synchronize PIM Data with Your PC

11 Install a New Application to Your Device

12 Remove an Application from Your Device

13 Back Up Your Device

14 Restore Your Device

15 Clear Personal Data from Your Device

Your BlackBerry 7100 series device is by many accounts a powerful computer that can be used entirely on its own to carry out a lot of interesting and useful tasks. However, to truly get the most out of your device you must occasionally connect the device to your desktop PC. This is important because your desktop PC is probably already your center for storing and retrieving contacts and email messages and carrying out other personal information management. Not only that, your desktop PC is your device's window into a much larger world of BlackBerry applications. In other words, you can use your desktop PC to install new applications to your device. Your desktop PC can also serve as an excellent backup system for your BlackBerry device. Speaking of desktop PCs, the standard BlackBerry desktop software supports only Windows computers, but third-party applications are available that allow you to interface with your BlackBerry device using a Macintosh computer.

Your BlackBerry shipped with a CD-ROM containing the BlackBerry Desktop Software, which includes the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. This application runs on your desktop PC and provides several features for communicating between your device and your PC. Through this software you can synchronize PIM data, install and remove applications, and back up and restore device data.

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