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Chapter 29. Recovering from Crashes and ... > Reinstalling System Software - Pg. 698

Recovering from Crashes and Other Problems 698 Figure 29.8. Drive 10 is a Mac OS X-only utility for hard drive diagnostics and repairs. Using Disk Repair Software The best way to benefit from a repair program is to install it. Either Norton Utilities or TechTool Pro will work best if you install the package as instructed in the program's documentation. Although the application can be run directly from the CD without installing anything on your com- puter's drive, the regular installation will provide the following: · A catalog directory record--During the installation process, both Norton Utilities and TechTool Pro create special (invisible) files on your hard drive to track information about the drive's catalog. This information is used so the files can be recovered in case your hard drive crashes. The file is updated whenever you copy or change files on your computer's drive. · Deleted file record--The system extensions from Norton Utilities and TechTool Pro track the files you trash. Although there are no guarantees, this information can be used to help recover a file if you dump it by mistake. · Automatic scanning--Both Norton Utilities and TechTool Pro can automatically scan your drive at regular intervals (and before each restart and shut down) to check for problems. If your com- puter is forced to restart because of a crash, these programs will run a directory scan of your hard drive automatically after startup. These features, by the way, can be switched off if you don't want them. Reinstalling System Software Why do you want to reinstall system software? Perhaps your Mac is unstable, no matter what you do. At this point, all your efforts to clean things up have gone for naught.