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Chapter 2. Using your iPod Photo > Resetting your iPod Photo - Pg. 33

Figure 2-35. Displaying album art when playing a song in iPod photo In the new podcast dialog, paste the just-copied URL into the "Podcast feed URL" textbox. Click Add Feed (see Figure 2-39). To download the files for all podcasts, click on the Check Now button located at the bottom right corner of the window (see Figure 2-40). All images downloaded would be copied to iPhoto (see Figure 2-41). To copy the images to your iPod photo, you simply need to configure iTunes to syn- chronize the photos from iPhoto. You can now view the images from the podcasts on your iPod photo! If a weblog supports both audio and images, you can download both types of files to your iPod photo and view a multimedia slideshow on your iPod photo! Resetting your iPod Photo In the rare occasion that your iPod photo fails to respond, you will need to reset your iPod photo. First, ensure that the Hold switch is in the Off position. Then, press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for about 6 seconds (see Figure 2-42). You should now see the Apple logo on your iPod photo. 30 | Chapter 2: Using your iPod Photo This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition