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Chapter 2. Using your iPod Photo > Using your iPod Photo for Presentation - Pg. 25

Figure 2-24. The Cobalt Cable's Ultimate S-Video cable and the Belkin S-Video to RCA adapter Figure 2-25. The Monster iCable for iPod audio cable You can also use the included iPod photo AV cable; simply connect the audio jack to the Dock Connector and the blue and red connector to the projector. Using your iPod Photo for Presentation Instead of lugging your PowerBook with you whenever you need to do a presenta- tion, you can use the iPod photo to carry your presentation slides. While the iPod photo cannot display PowerPoint or Keynote slides, you can save your slides as graphic images so that iPod photo can display them just like photos. In Figure 2-26, I have a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck. To save the slide deck as a series of graphic images, click File -> Save As... (see Fig- ure 2-27). Give the slide a name and select the "Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)" format. Click Save. You can save the slides in any of the iPod photo-supported image for- mats. 22 | Chapter 2: Using your iPod Photo This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition