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Chapter 2. Using your iPod Photo > Displaying Slideshows on a TV - Pg. 21

Figure 2-16. Selecting slideshow music Figure 2-17. Creating your own Playlist in iTunes Displaying Slideshows on a TV One of the most useful features of the iPod photo is its ability to display photos on a conventional TV. Using the bundled iPod photo AV cable (see Figure 2-18), you can connect your iPod photo to your TV's RCA ports. To connect your iPod photo to your TV, connect one end of the iPod photo AV cable to your iPod photo's Headphones and AV port (see Figure 2-19). If you are using a Dock, you can also connect the cable to the Line Out port. 18 | Chapter 2: Using your iPod Photo This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition