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Chapter 3. Accessories - Pg. 41

Chapter 3 CHAPTER 3 Accessories In this final chapter, I will take a look at some accessories you can use together with your iPod photo. Transferring Photos from your Digital Camera to your iPod Photo Due to its relatively large storage capacity, the iPod photo is very well suited to be a portable storage solution. One good use is for storing photos from your digital cam- era. Though there is no direct way for you to transfer the photos from your digital camera to the iPod photo, you can use the Belkin Digital Camera Link (see Figure 3-1). Using the Digital Camera Link, you can simply connect your digital cam- era to the Digital Camera Link via an USB cable and the photos on your digital cam- era will then be copied onto your iPod photo. Figure 3-1. The Belkin Digital Camera Link for iPod w/ Dock Connector 38 This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition