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9. The Mobile Web > Create a Mobile Web Site - Pg. 252

HACK #53 Create a Mobile Web Site similar to the T9 input method [Hack #58] , except that Google processes the translation on a backend server and has a much larger word dictionary. In fact, the Google wireless search page itself is accessible via the URL The numbers 4, 6, 6, 4, 5, 3 correspond to the letters g, o, o, g, l, e on a mobile phone key- pad. It is T9 in the URL! This all-number URL is very fast to type on a keypad and is easy to remember. Figure 9-20 shows how to access the Google number search web page, set the search option to Number Mobile Web, and then search the phrase "2665." The returned results are WML pages related to "book." (If Google insists on loading in full mode, you can force the small-screen version by going to