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Oh, sure, I know, you're here out of courtesy. You'll probably skim the first few lines, maybe look for someone you know, then skip to the first chapter. No one, except those involved in a book, ever reads the acknowledgments. So go ahead, jump ahead while I indulge myself and thank lots of people.

It's the spouse who usually gets short-changed and stuck in the last line of the acknowledgments. But I can't wait. That's because the book would never have been finished (or started, for that matter) without Judy's incredible patience, support, and unflagging willingness (uh, except that one time in July) to put up with my interminable kvetching and crankiness throughout this ordeal. Sweetie, I couldn't have done it without ya.

My parents, Bernie and Hilda, who, like all good parents, provided nourishment, encouragement, and lots of pastrami sandwiches, and who let me annoy them often.

There are plenty of others.

PC World's black belt schnorrer, Michael Lasky, gave me the original Annoyances article assignment, thus making this book possible. My gratitude to Dennis O'Reilly who tweaked, poked, and massaged my words in the first and second Annoyance articles.

Thanks also to Harry McCracken, who gave the green light to the project, and generously nurtured the relationship between PC World and O'Reilly; thanks also to Downloads maven Max Green for smoothing the wheels for the file downloads on PCW's web site.

On the user group front, computing guru Rod Ream filled in dozens of technical holes and came through with bright ideas. A glass of Anchor Steam to Tom Lenzo, David Jung, George Siegal, Mike Lanzarotta, Carl Siechert for their smart (and smart-ass) advice, much of which I used in the book.

A big tip of the hat goes to the members of the Pasadena IBM Users Group. You folks supplied tons of material and remained on my side through thick and thin (and missed newsletters). Ditto for the stevebass list subscribers-your challenging and provocative replies to my seemingly endless requests for more annoyances made the book a more annoying place.

Mark Brokering, O'Reilly's Associate Publisher, Consumer Books, is ultimately responsible for the Annoyances book. He found the PC World Annoyance article, ran with the idea, and kept his hand on the tiller, with suggestions, witty repartee, and occasional handholding while we switched editors. Thanks for sticking through it all, Mark.

My editor for the first edition, Linda Mui, the only person I know who reads mail with Unix, took over mid-project and was a godsend. If anyone knows how to work the system (and work a writer), it's LM.

I've also gotta love Uncle Bob, a.k.a. Executive Editor Robert Luhn, who asked me pesky questions when he was my editor at Computer Currents and somehow followed me to O'Reilly with, I swear, the same set of pesky questions. Robert, you're a crackerjack and talented guy-you found the goblins that haunted the manuscript. Thanks-I'm glad you're at O'Reilly.


Please address comments and questions concerning this book to the publisher:

O'Reilly Media, Inc.
1005 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472
(800) 998-9938 (in the United States or Canada)
(707) 829-0515 (international or local)
(707) 829-0104 (fax)

There is a web page for this book, where you can download the utilities mentioned, in addition to select articles from PC World. You'll also find errata and additional information. You can access this page at:


To comment or ask technical questions about this book, send email to:


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