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Chapter 7. Hardware Annoyances > BOOST YOUR CELL'S BATTERY - Pg. 363

POCKET PC FILE AND BATTERY WOES The Annoyance: What about us Pocket PC folks out here? I have two gripes. Microsoft hides the battery- life indicator in the Settings System Power folder, requiring an annoying three clicks each time I want to see how much battery life is left. And like Windows, the Pocket PC is stuck with a dreadful file manager-in this case, the File Explorer. The Fix: First, grab a trial copy of Omega One's Battery Pack Pro at pack, a $20 utility that not only displays a desktop bar indicating your Pocket PC's battery life, but also calculates expected life based on your usage. Next, replace File Explorer with Resco's $25 Explorer 2003 (, a great productivity tool that lets you far more easily move, copy, delete, and create files and folders; can zip and encrypt files; and includes a nifty file viewer. BOOST YOUR CELL'S BATTERY The Annoyance: