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Chapter 16. Troubleshooting > Problems with the iTunes Music Store - Pg. 381

If you live in a cross-platform household and have both Macintosh- and Windows-flavor iPods lying around, make sure you're plugging the WinPod into the PC. Macs are generally friendly toward PC-formatted 'Pods, but not vice versa. Mixing them up can lead to several error mes- sages, including the "Do Not Disconnect" message (even as the com- puter won't mount or recognize the iPod), and the "This iPod is linked to another Music Library" message. The iPod Photo Isn't Showing My Album Artwork One of the nifty visual features of the iPod Photo is its ability to display the same album artwork you applied in iTunes. If your art is missing, however, check to make sure you're using at least iTunes 4.7. If you are, then connect the iPod, open the iTunes Preferences box (iTunes Preference iPod on the Mac or Edit Preferences iPod in Windows), and make sure "Display album artwork" is checked in the box's Music area. The iPod Photo may get shy about showing your artwork if you jump back and forth between manual and automatic music updating as well. If you've added some arted-up songs to the iPod while it was set to update manually and then switched your prefer- ences to automatically update, the art for those manually updated tunes may not show up. To fix this, switch back to manual updating (page 46) and delete the songs with the invisible artwork. Now, switch back to automatic updating and let those same tunes get whisked over to the iPod on the automatic-synchronization express. Once the iPod is fully updated by way of auto-sync, eject the iPod and see if your missing artwork has finally arrived. My Remote Control Won't Work with My iPod Photo Slideshows You'd think a remote would be a remote for any purpose, but at this point in time, the iPod remote control only works with the music functions on the player and won't ad- vance through a slideshow. It's only a matter of time before someone comes up with a photo remote, but for now, you have to march through your slideshows or presenta- tions by punching the buttons on the iPod Photo's click wheel. Problems with the iTunes Music Store The iTunes Music Store arrived on the scene in April 2003. As with any new product, a few glitches and gaps popped up as shoppers stampeded the store. Here are a few of the more common issues or errors you might occasionally encounter when using the service. Problems with the iTunes Music Store | 381