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Chapter 12. The iPod as Hard Drive > Unmounting the iPod Drive - Pg. 277

Deleting Data Files Deleting files from the iPod when it's impersonating a hard drive is just like erasing them from any other kind of disk: just drag them to the Trash or Recycle Bin-- or use keyboard shortcuts, like the Delete key in Windows or - Delete on Macintosh--and empty it. Just remember that this isn't how you delete songs. You delete songs in iTunes. Don't use a disk utility program like Drive Setup or Norton Utilities to erase the iPod's data files. You could damage its music-playing powers --and then be stuck having to reformat the drive with the iPod software installer and then copy all of your songs over again. Unmounting the iPod Drive You're not supposed to detach any kind of hard drive just by ripping its cord out of your computer. If it happens to be right in the middle of copying a file, or performing some automatic internal maintenance that you're not even aware of, you risk badly scrambling the data on that disk. The same goes for the iPod. Yes, you can "eject" it as you would a CD--that, after all, is its whole delicious advantage--but only after first unmounting it (that is, removing its icon from the screen). One method that works on both Mac and Windows systems is to go to the iTunes Source list, select the iPod and then click the Eject iPod button at the bottom of the window (identified in Figure 12-3). In iTunes 4.5 and later, there's also a conveniently located Eject button right next to the iPod in the Source list that saves you some mousing around. In all cases, don't disconnect the iPod until you see the iPod's "OK to Disconnect" message or its main menu--which may take as long as 15 seconds. At this point, if you have iTunes open, the iPod disappears from the Source list and from your desktop. Depending on your iPod model and software, either the main menu or the "OK to Disconnect" message appears on the iPod's screen. Each computer plat- form also has its own disk-ditching methods: · Mac. You can use any of the usual disk-ejection methods: drag the iPod icon on the desktop to the Trash, Control-click the iPod icon and choose Eject from the Unmounting the iPod Drive | 277