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Introduction > iTunes 4.7

iTunes 4.7

This book describes iTunes version 4.7, which Apple released in October 2004. To claim your free copy, visit www.apple.com/itunes/download/. Here's what's in it for you (see Chapter 5 for more leisurely coverage):

  • A Party Shuffle feature that gives you more control over which songs from your iTunes library will be blasting out on the dance floor.

  • The ability to print out song playlists and fancy jewel-case inserts for your home-cooked CD mixes.

  • A new encoding format called Apple Lossless that lets you rip original-quality files that take up about half the space of the original CD tracks.

  • A Windows tool that converts non-copy-protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files to iPod-friendly files.

  • An Eject button right next to the iPod's name in the Source list. Just click and go when you're ready to unplug your Pod and leave. No longer must you select the iPod's icon and then click the iPod's Eject button in the lower-right iTunes corner (although you can still do it that way if all the newfangled buttons are overloading your senses).

  • Photo-wrangling powers to sync up and manage picture collections stored on the iPod Photo model.

  • If you've got Apple's AirPort Express mobile wireless base station, you can play your computer's iTunes music through a connected stereo system or pair of remote speakers elsewhere in the house.

The iTunes Music Store, meanwhile, has a few new tricks of its own (Chapter 7):

  • iMixes, personal playlists that you can publish online so the world can see your masterful musical mixology.

  • Movie trailers, exclusive clips, and music videos you watch right in the iTunes Music Store window.

  • Radio Charts that identify the most popular songs radio stations around the country are spinning—along with the chance to buy them, of course.

  • The ability to save the 30-second song previews from the Store to your own playlist so you can mull what you want later without having to be online.

Updating Your iPod for New Versions of iTunes

Apple cranks out a fresh version of iTunes at least once a year and often releases updates for the iPod's firmware (its own internal operating system) usually around the same time. If you are downloading a new version of iTunes, check for accompanying iPod or iPod Mini software as well, as some of the new features are co-dependant. (See page 343 for instructions on updating your iPod.)

The latest version of the iPod software, sporting a typically catchy name like iPod Update 2004-11-15, is available at www.apple.com/ipod/download/. To see your iPod's software version, go to iPod → Settings → About and look at the number next to Version. The iPod download page lists the current software numbers, if you want to compare the two.

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