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Chapter 14. Hot Hacks and Cool Tools > More Windows Shareware

14.4. More Windows Shareware

The Mac people may have gotten a head start on handcrafted iPod shareware, but the Windows crew is beginning to develop programs of their own to extend the iPod's abilities. Like the Mac software described earlier, all of these programs are available on the "Missing CD" page at www.missingmanuals.com.

  • euPod Volume Boost. It's not your imagination: European iPods can't play as loudly as American ones. Not because Americans are any wilder, but because of government-mandated volume restrictions on European music players.

    Hackers to the rescue! euPod Volume Boost lets everyone around the world melt their ears off at higher volumes. The software tinkers with a setting in the iPod's database to alter the sound output.

  • K-Pod. Keeping up with email is a full-time job for some people, but K-Pod (Figure 14-6) lets you download copies of your incoming messages directly to the Notes folder of your iPod for reading on the run. The program works with POP and IMAP email accounts and, with a little bit of tweaking, can also handle Gmail mail.

    Figure 14-6. No matter which email program you use, from Outlook Express to Eudora, you just need to know your account's settings–like user name, password, and mail server name–to set up K-Pod for mobile mail. The program only copies the messages, so you'll still have them waiting for you the next time you check mail on your PC.

  • J. River Media Center. The Media Center is designed for media mavens who spend hour after hour organizing and playing with their digital audio and video files. For those looking for alternative music-management software, this $40 program can sync the iPod's contents with the Media Center, adjust song volumes, and bookmark Audible files. (A free 30-day trial version is also available.)



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