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Chapter 14. Hot Hacks and Cool Tools > Shareware for Mac and Windows

14.3. Shareware for Mac and Windows

Like Apple itself, many software developers saw the wisdom in making products that would work for both Macintosh and Windows systems. Here are a few Pod-centric programs that cross that great platform divide.

  • iPod Access. This industrious utility program can provide a complete backup copy of the iPod's contents, including purchased music, to a designated folder on the Mac or PC. If you didn't find an iPod song-transferring utility you liked back in Chapter 2, iPod Access does that, too. This $10 program for Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP copies the songs in a tidy fashion and can even organize them into album and artist folders.

  • PodGourmet. Kitchen neophytes, fear not! Cooking can be as simple as just following the recipe, and the PodGourmet program gives you 260 dishes in the palm of your hand. The 14 food categories include Beef, Vegetables, and, most importantly, Desserts. PodGourmet costs $5—much less than tuition at Le Cordon Bleu—and works with 2003-and-later iPods.

  • PodTender. If you want to whip up a cocktail before dinner and have no idea what to make, call up the PodTender. The program, by the same computerized culinary artistes who created PodGourmet, comes to the rescue with 900 suggestions right in your iPod's Notes folder. PodTender, a $5 shareware program, works with 2003-and-later iPods.


    Although PodGourmet and PodTender appear to be Mac OS X programs, their creator's Web site (www.enriquequinterodesign.com) lists instructions for Windows owners to download and install the files. A visit to the site also reveals two other Pod programs: Pod Gourmet Vegan Edition and Apple Store Locations for iPod (so you'll always know where to go when you have the compelling urge to buy shiny white computer products).

  • PodSecret. In these days of scams, frauds, identity theft, and other grim realities of life online, data security is a hot topic. You can move all your private data off your computer and safely store it on your iPod with PodSecret, a $30 program. PodSecret, shown in Figure 14-5, encrypts things like bank account numbers, passwords, and other top-secret personal data on the iPod itself, demanding a password to view the files and locking itself up after a few minutes. You keep your secrets with you on your iPod's hard drive and not on your computer where someone can find them. PodSecret's free trial version works for seven days—don't forget your password!



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