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14.2. More Mac Shareware

AppleScript isn't the only way code warriors have crafted helpful utility programs for the iPod. Here's an assortment of standalone software programs that do wacky and useful things for Mac iPods.

  • PodQuest. If you're already planning on taking your iPod along on your next driving trip, make that little white jukebox do double-duty as a navigator. The $10 PodQuest program, shown in Figure 14-2, downloads driving directions for destinations in North America and Europe from the MapQuest and MapBlast Web sites to the iPod's Notes or Contacts folder. This program works with Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, Safari 1.0 or later, and all versions of the iPod.

    Figure 14-2. With PodQuest, your iPod not only rides shotgun as a music machine, but can also display driving directions downloaded from trusted travel sites like MapBlast and MapQuest.

  • iPod Launcher starts up a whole batch of programs and scripts automatically whenever you connect the iPod to your Mac OS X system. You might use it to trigger auto-backups of the data files on the iPod, for example. Or, if you use it in tandem with iPod It (page 217), you can synchronize your Entourage data as well as download news, headlines, and weather reports without having to think about any of it.

  • VoodooPad is a notepad with delusions of grandeur, as you can see in Figure 14-3. VoodooPad ($20) works with Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

    Figure 14-3. No matter where your stream of consciousness takes you, with VoodooPad, your iPod can swim right along beside you.
    You type up a note, and then highlight words or phrases to create new pages linked to the original. You can then copy the whole collection over to the iPod, thus creating your own Wee Wide Web of linked documents.

  • Burn Out. If you have iTunes 3 or later, an iPod, and a copy of Roxio's Toast program for burning CDs, then Burn Out can make life a little easier. It lets you record CDs right off an iPod by way of iTunes, saving you the time of having to hunt for the original files and drag them into the Toast window. Instead, just select a playlist and burn away (http://homepage.mac.com/beweis). (The site is in German, but it links to an English edition of the program on VersionTracker.com.)

  • AAChoo makes it easy to convert your hefty MP3 collection into the new AAC format to save room on your iPod (Figure 14-4). It requires Mac OS X and QuickTime 6, and it costs $15.

    Figure 14-4. Want to convert your music library from the MP3 format to AAC without a hassle? AAChoo lets you convert single files, whole folders, or entire CDs into the AAC format; the program can even automatically update the iTunes library for you.

  • iPodVolume Booster. Due to stricter regulations overseas, iPods sold in Europe have a volume restriction that won't let them play as loudly as their American counterparts. The iPodVolume Booster, like its Windows counterpart mentioned on page 278, gets around that restriction but comes with a sober warning that the program may cause hearing damage if used too loudly.



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