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Part V: Appendixes > Edit Menu - Pg. 407

Create CD Launches the Burner Plus program that comes with MusicMatch Jukebox Plus and then automatically adds all the songs on your current playlist to the CD recorder's window. Just pop in a blank disc and click the Burn button to start making the CD. Print Brings up a dialog box that lets you lay out and print a list of the songs and track information for a playlist--or your entire music library--if you want a hard copy of the music you have on your PC. Click Print Preview for a sneak peek at what will come out of your printer. Exit When it's time to close up the program for the night or move on to other things, choose Exit to close the program. Edit Menu Unlike the typical text-oriented Cut, Copy, and Paste commands on the Edit menu in most programs, MusicMatch Jukebox Plus offers tasks that are more relevant for digital audio files and playlists. Playlist Track Tag(s) Use this command to edit the track information file that comes with each song in your music library. You can retype album names; add labels for the song's mood, genre, and tempo; paste in lyrics; and even add album cover art for each song. Super Tag Playlist Track(s) If you have a whole bunch of track tags you need to modify (Section 5.6.4), the Super Tagging feature can make the chore easier and faster. The Lookup Tags function on this submenu locates and adds the correct tag information by scanning the song file names. Choose the Tag from Filename option if you want to turn the existing file name into a tag or Rename Files to do the reverse and change the file's name to match that of its tag. Copy Art to Clipboard If you have some album art on display in the Media Window that you'd like to use for your song tags, click it and then choose Copy Art to Clipboard. From there you can Edit Menu | 407