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Part V: Appendixes > Keyboard Shortcuts for iTunes 4

A.9. Keyboard Shortcuts for iTunes 4

Shortcuts for playing songsKeystroke
Play the selected song right now Mac: Return or Space bar. Windows: Enter or Space bar.
Play next or previous albumMac: Option-right arrow or -left arrow (or Option-click the or buttons in the upper-left corner of the iTunes window). Windows: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+right arrow or +left arrow.
Next/previous songMac: -left arrow or -right arrow (or -click the or buttons). Windows: Ctrl+left or +right arrow (or Ctrl-click the or buttons in the iTunes window).
Shortcuts for Library and playlist windows
Create a playlist from selected songs Mac: Shift-click the + button (or drag songs to an empty spot in the Source list). Windows: Ctrl+Shift+N (or drag songs to an empty spot in the Source list).
Create a new Smart PlaylistMac: Option-click the + button beneath the Source list. Windows: Shift-click the + button.
Reshuffle the current playlistMac: Option-click the Shuffle button. Windows: Shift-click the Shuffle button.
Delete selected playlist without confirmation boxMac: -Delete. Windows: Ctrl+Delete.
Delete selected playlist and all songs in itMac: Option-Delete. Windows: Shift+Delete.
Delete selected song from library and all playlistsMac: Option-Delete. Windows: Shift+Delete.
Shortcuts for files and windows
Select or deselect all the songs in a listMac: -click any checkbox in the list. Windows: Ctrl-click any checkbox.
Change the song information columnsMac: Control-click a column title to summon pop-up list of possible columns. Windows: Right-click a column title.
Expand or collapse all the triangles in Radio listMac: -click a triangle. Windows: Ctrl-click a triangle.
Smoother, outline-only window resizingMac: -drag the resize box in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window.
Expand iTunes window to optimal sizeWindows: Shift-double-click the iTunes window title bar.
Go to the next/previous track in Get Info windowMac: -N, -P. Windows: Ctrl-Left Arrow (Artwork tab only).
Next/Previous pane of Get Info or Prefs window Mac: -left bracket ( [ ) or -right bracket ( ] ). Windows: Left or Right Arrow key (Get Info box only).
See more options for a visual effect onscreenPress / or ?, then press the desired key to use its option (not all visual effects can do this).
iPod shortcuts
Prevent iPod from automatically updatingMac: Press -Option as you connect the iPod to your Mac until it appears in the Source list. Windows: Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt as you connect the iPod to your PC until it appears in the Source list.
Music Store
Previous/Next Music Store pageMac: -left bracket ( [ ), -right bracket ( ] ). Windows: Ctrl+right bracket ( ] ), +left bracket ( [ ).
Return to the Music Store homeHome key
Audible files
Previous/Next chapterMac: Shift-left arrow, -right arrow. Windows: Ctrl+Shift+left arrow, +right arrow.
Application menu (Macintosh)
Open iTunes Preferences-comma.
Hide iTunes-H.
Quit iTunes-Q.
File menu
New playlistMac: -N. Windows: Ctrl+N.
New playlist from selected songsMac: Shift--N. Windows: Ctrl+Shft+N.
New Smart PlaylistMac: Option--N. Windows: Ctrl+Alt+N.
Add file (from hard drive) to the LibraryMac: -O. Windows: Ctrl+O.
Close iTunes windowMac: -W.Windows: Ctrl+W.
Import a song, playlist, or library fileMac: Shift--O. Windows: Ctrl+Shift+O.
Open Info window for selected song or CDMac: -I. Windows: Ctrl+I.
Show hard drive location of a song fileMac: -R. Windows: Ctrl+R.
Show the currently playing song in the listMac: -L. Windows: Ctrl+L.
Controls menu
Play/StopSpace bar
Play previous/next song in the playlist (Mac). Windows: Ctrl+left arrow, +right arrow.Mac: -left arrow, -right arrow.
Volume down/up Windows: Ctrl+down arrow, +up arrow.Mac: -down arrow, -up arrow.
Mute Windows: Ctrl+Shift+down arrow.Mac: Option--down arrow.
Eject a CDMac: -E. Windows: Ctrl+E.
Visualizer menu
Visual effects on/offMac: -T. Windows: Ctrl+T.
Expand visual effects to full screenMac: -F. Windows: Ctrl+F.
Advanced menu
Stream audio file from a specific URLMac: -U. Windows: Ctrl+U.
Switch to Mini Player (Windows only)Ctrl+M.
Window menu (Macintosh only)
Minimize iTunes window to the Dock-M.
View the main iTunes window-1.
View the Equalizer window-2.
Help menu
Open iTunes & Music Store HelpMac: -?. Windows: F1.



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