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Chapter 12. Other useful features of Your Mac > Copy files to a CD and burn it

Copy files to a CD and burn it

To burn data files (not music files) onto a CD:

Press the Eject Media key to open the CD drawer (unless you have a slot-loading CD where you just push the disc into the slot). This key is the uppermost-right key on the keypad, with this symbol:

If you want to copy music and use the CD in a CD player, do not copy the files this way! Instead, open iTunes, choose a playlist, and make the CD from within iTunes.

Drop in a blank CD-R or CD-RW, then press the Eject Media key again to close the CD drawer. It takes several seconds for the CD icon to appear on your Desktop or in your Finder window Sidebar.

This is the blank CD icon before burning. The letters “CDR” on the disc indicate this is a CD-Recordable disc that has not yet been burned.

If the dialog box below automatically appears, single-click on the “Action” pop-up menu, and choose “Open Finder.” (If you didn't get this box, skip to the next step.)

Whether or not the above dialog box appeared, double-click the CD icon. It will open to a special Finder window, like the one below.

Drag folders and files into this window, or you can drop them directly on top of the CD icon (even if its window isn't open).


To drag files into the CD folder, it's easiest to open another window (press Command N) and find the files you need from that other window so you don't lose the CD window.

This is not the burning process! In this step you are merely gathering the files you want to burn onto the CD. You'll notice that the files in this window are actually aliases (as explained on pages 172173).

When you're ready to burn the CD, do one of the following:

Open the CD window, as shown above, and click the “Burn” button, or click the burn icon in the Sidebar.

Or drag the CD icon to the Trash. Really. If the disc has not yet been burned, the Trash icon changes to the “Burn CD” icon, as shown to the left.

The Trash icon in the Dock turns into the “Burn CD” icon when you drag an unburned CD towards it.

Or Control-click on the CD icon, then choose “Burn Disc” from the contextual menu that appears.

You will be asked if you are sure you want to do this, and you'll have another chance to name the CD. As your files are prepared, burned, and verified, the “Burn” window shows the progress.

When the disc is finished, the letters “CDR” are gone from the icon, indicating that this disc has been burned.

The letters CDR are gone, an instant visual clue that this CD has been burned.

Eject the disc: Press the Eject Media key, or select the disc (single-click on it) and press Command E to eject.



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