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Chapter 14. Software - Pg. 135

135 Chapter 14. Software In this chapter · Learn about the apps on your installation CD The Tungsten TM E comes preloaded with some great software, and you can easily transfer more good stuff from the installation CD. There's also great software at palmOne's website and at many, many other sites. This chapter discusses apps that are either already on your handheld or are included on your installation CD. To install them, insert the CD into your PC, follow the prompts, and then sync. On a Mac, drag the apps into the Install Handheld Files dialog box in Palm ® Desktop, and then sync. Add software For more information on how to add new software by synchronizing, see page 80. Shop for Software To buy new software, see page 132. Other free apps Your handheld comes with lots of free software, some installed when you first sync, and others waiting on your CD for you to install. Windows users get Photos, Documents To Go, VersaMail ® , Expense, and Calculator with the first sync they perform. Not enough room The apps on the CD not covered in this book are: Adobe Acrobat for Palm OS ® , PowerOne Calculator, Hand- mark Magic Dogs, Telephony/SMS, PhoneLink, Phone Link Updater, and Palm Dialer. Some of these are covered in the Tungsten E Handbook. See page xii. Application basics As you explore the software that came on your installation CD and the 20,000-plus applications available for Palm OS ® handhelds at (and elsewhere on the web), you'll find plenty of surprises. Palm OS 5 Before you get a new app, make sure it works with Palm OS 5. Apps made for Pocket PC don't work with your handheld.