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Chapter 4. Enter info > More writing techniques - Pg. 54

Enter info 54 Travel directions Notes are great for keeping track of travel directions. In Contacts, attach notes with driving directions for people you visit occasionally. In Calendar, attach flight numbers and itineraries to events for quick reference. Use notes regularly Make a habit of using notes. If you keep essential info attached to the event, contact, or task it relates to, you'll never have to search for it in drawers, notebooks, or your brain. Notes for Tasks and Expense In Tasks, select any entry and tap the Note icon to the right of Details to create a note. In Expense, select an entry and select Details > Note. Track meetings Keep a note attached to business contacts with the date you last met and a few lines to remind you what you talked about. Record gift ideas When a friend or family member mentions something they enjoy or want, create a note and attach it to their contact info. Menu commands Attach a note Delete a note More writing techniques Note Pad For pure speed, Note Pad can't be beat. Just press the Note Pad button on the lower-right corner of your handheld, and then jot down quick ideas or sketches. Return to them later and copy them into a memo, an entry note, or a record field. Align the screen If your writing strokes aren't producing the results you want, select Home > Prefs > Digitizer to recalibrate the screen. Repeat the process every few months. The more creative you are about entering information, the more effective your handheld will be.