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Chapter 4. Enter info > More writing techniques

More writing techniques

Note Pad

For pure speed, Note Pad can't be beat. Just press the Note Pad button on the lower-right corner of your handheld, and then jot down quick ideas or sketches. Return to them later and copy them into a memo, an entry note, or a record field.

Align the screen

If your writing strokes aren't producing the results you want, select Home > Prefs > Digitizer to recalibrate the screen. Repeat the process every few months.

The more creative you are about entering information, the more effective your handheld will be.

Use ShortCuts and notes together

Notes attached to entries and events are a great way to capture detail that you might otherwise forget. Use the date/time stamp to remember exactly when you met a person or last talked to her on the phone. Keep notes that remind you when you said you'd call or what you promised to do.

Gestures versus commands

Your handheld gives you several ways to do the same thing. You can copy and paste by tapping the menus, by writing (), or by using gestures (). You can use commands through the command toolbar, through the menus, or by writing. Experiment to find the methods that work best for you. To learn more about gestures, see page 41. For more about commands, see page 14.

Chapter 4: Did you discover how to...

Write “Meet Alexandra for lunch” in a second?… Turn your handheld into an ultraportable laptop?… Attach a note to your florist's contact info to remind yourself which `bouquet you ordered last time?

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