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Chapter 4. Enter info > Add notes to entries

Add notes to entries

Icon to look for

To see whether you've attached a note to an entry, look for the icon above. Tap it to go straight to the note's contents.

Go to

To learn more about writing in specific applications, see:

The Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks applications have their own note functions that let you keep extra information attached to the entry it belongs to. These notes are an easy way to record and update important information – details, reminders, driving directions, minutes – that doesn't fit within the application's regular fields. Use your computer to cut and paste text from the web into a Palm Desktop application. Synchronize to add the info to your handheld.

Copy and paste info into a note

Highlight a word or phrase in Memos or another text-oriented application. Copy it by writing .
Go to Calendar or Contacts and tap an entry. Tap Details.
Tap the Note icon in the lower-right corner. Paste the copied text by writing .

Attach a note to a contact

Open Contacts and select a contact. From the Record menu, select Attach Note (). Or tap Edit, and then tap the Note icon.
Tap Done when you finish writing the note. You can always edit or add to the note later.
To view the note, tap the Note icon to the right of the contact in list view. Or open the entry, tap Edit > Details, and then tap the Note icon.

Remember conversations

Use notes in Contacts to record details of conversations. A date stamp (see page 42) and a brief description might be all you need. You can always update the note later.

Travel directions

Notes are great for keeping track of travel directions. In Contacts, attach notes with driving directions for people you visit occasionally. In Calendar, attach flight numbers and itineraries to events for quick reference.

Use notes regularly

Make a habit of using notes. If you keep essential info attached to the event, contact, or task it relates to, you'll never have to search for it in drawers, notebooks, or your brain.

Notes for Tasks and Expense

In Tasks, select any entry and tap the Note icon to the right of Details to create a note. In Expense, select an entry and select Details > Note.

Track meetings

Keep a note attached to business contacts with the date you last met and a few lines to remind you what you talked about.

Record gift ideas

When a friend or family member mentions something they enjoy or want, create a note and attach it to their contact info.

Menu commands

Attach a note
Delete a note

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