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ShortCuts let you instantly input the words, phrases, and sentences you use over and over. Enter the ShortCut symbol followed by the abbreviation, and the words appear. Your handheld comes with some preset ShortCuts, but you should create your own to take full advantage of the feature.

Real Life: ShortCuts

Charlotte runs a river-rafting camp. She made custom ShortCuts to quickly enter long phrases she used to have to write out every day: “rafting this weekend” (); “day-long rafting tour” (); “half-day expedition” (); and “traveling expense” ().

ShortCut length

ShortCuts can represent a maximum of 45 characters.

Preset shortcuts

Date stamp
Time stamp
Date/time stamp

Use the date stamp

The date stamp is a great way to quickly record when you talked to somebody or recorded info. Use it to start notes attached to contacts (see page 44) and in Memos (see page 100).

Find by date

If you get in the habit of using the date stamp, you can quickly find info by date. Tap the Find icon, enter the date, and all entries from that date will show up. For more on using Find, see page 28.

Create a custom ShortCut

Select Home > Prefs > ShortCuts > New. The ShortCut Entry dialog box appears.
Under ShortCut Name, write the ShortCut letters. Under ShortCut Text, write the full text.

Use a ShortCut

Write the ShortCut character () in the writing area, followed by the ShortCut abbreviation for date/time stamp: dts.
After you write the abbreviation, it's automatically replaced by the full text (highlighted here to illustrate).

When you create a new ShortCut, the letters you write on the screen after the ShortCut stroke make up the name of the ShortCut. The phrase created by the ShortCut is the ShortCut text.

Find ShortCut possibilities

Go through your entries in Calendar, Memos, and Tasks and make a list of words and phrases that show up repeatedly. Create a custom ShortCut for each of these phrases (or at least for the longest ones). You will be surprised how much time you save in the long run.

Icon to look for

Add a space

Include a space after a word when you create a custom ShortCut so you won't have to add one after the word or phrase appears.

Assign numbers

For even shorter ShortCuts, consider using numbers (as in or ).

Ideas for custom ShortCuts

Here are a few examples of phrases you might want to make into ShortCuts. Note that when you create a ShortCut, you can use it in any app.

  • Calendar: “Deadline,” “Don't forget to bring”

  • Contacts: “Vice President,” “Admin. Assistant”

  • Note Pad: “Phone number,” “Meeting Notes,” “Sketch of”

  • Tasks: “Call for reservation,” “Return message from,” “Pick up”

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