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Chapter 4. Enter info > Ways to enter info

Ways to enter info

Your handheld gives you several ways to enter info. The onscreen keyboard makes it easy to tap out words. Graffiti 2 writing may take a little practice, but it can be faster. Other methods include using a portable keyboard, receiving beamed information from another handheld, and synchronizing to transfer information from your PC.

Other input methods

Palm® Desktop software

When you need to enter lots of info at once, typing on your computer is faster than writing on your handheld. Use Palm Desktop to enter the info, and then sync to copy it to your handheld. For much more about Palm Desktop, see chapter 7.

Portable keyboards

Want to take extensive notes during a meeting, or write a letter during a flight? Wired and wireless keyboards turn your handheld into a smaller, lighter alternative to a laptop. They work like a full-size keyboard but fold up for maximum mobility. For complete details, see page 141.

Receive beamed information

When another person beams information to you from a handheld, you don't have to write at all to add important info to Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, and other applications. Don't forget that you can beam and receive entire categories, not just single entries and files. For details, see chapter 9.

The onscreen keyboard

Tap ABC in the writing area for a keyboard set up like a computer keyboard. Tap Shift to capitalize one letter; tap Cap to type in all caps.
Tap 123 to enter numbers and symbols. Note the international financial symbols, a handy feature for travelers.
Use the international keyboard to enter common international letters and symbols.

Practice writing

The Quick Tour is the best place to start practicing your writing skills. From the Home screen, select Quick Tour > Graffiti 2 and follow the prompts.

Edit typed content

When you're typing with the onscreen keyboard, you can use Graffiti 2 strokes to edit the text before entering it into the application you're using.

Keyboard layouts

From any application that involves writing, you can access the onscreen keyboard. Tap one of the two keyboard icons in the writing area: ABC or 123.


In applications, the first letter of an entry or sentence is automatically capitalized and the next letters are lowercased, whether you use the writing area or the onscreen keyboard. When you end a sentence with a period, exclamation point, or question mark, the first letter of the next word is capitalized.

Blinking cursor

If you start to write and nothing shows up on the screen, tap the screen where you want your text to go. If a blinking cursor shows up, you know you can enter info.

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  • If your stylus isn't working, see page 13.

  • To create memos, see chapter 11.

  • To use Note Pad to jot notes, see chapter 12.

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