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About This Book

About This Book

Now you know

All of your applications live on the Home screen. To see all of them, make sure All is displayed in the right-hand corner.

Do stuff fast

To save space, this book uses shorthand steps like “select Home > Prefs > Buttons.“ Translation: Go to the Home screen, tap the Prefs icon, and then tap Buttons. Steps might include entering info, opening a menu, or tapping an entry, a button, or any screen element.

Bold means “tap this”

Throughout this book, bold text indicates something you should tap or select.

This pocket guide is designed to be used side-by-side with your handheld.It's easy to read, and it's full of tips. Skip around to find the tips that suit your needs, or walk through the chapters in order. Practice as you go and watch your skills improve.

Have you done this yet?

Followed the instructions that came in the box to charge and set up your handheld?
Inserted the installation CD, installed Palm® Desktop software, and synchronized?
Taken the Quick Tour from your handheld's Home screen?
Opened Palm Desktop on your computer and reviewed the Getting Started guide?

Tungsten E

Does this book replace my manual?

Now You Know Tungsten E goes beyond the standard documentation to delve into all the things you can do with your handheld. Along the way, it highlights key techniques that are also discussed in the Handbook, but it shouldn't be considered a substitute. See the next page to learn how to get your Tungsten E Handbook.

Flipping through

The top of every left-hand page has a header that shows the section name, followed by an arrow and the chapter number and name. Use the headers to quickly find features you're curious about.

Icons to look for

Icons in the margins help you find the items discussed on the pages. All icons refer to your handheld except for the two shown above: Palm Desktop for Windows (left) and for Macintosh (right).


You'll find useful bits of information in the margins of every page – icons, places to go, tips and techniques, facts, and the occasional personal story.

Learn by doing

Turn the page and you move on to a new topic. Because just about everything here is a tip or a technique, you can bounce around any way you want. Keep your handheld nearby and learn by doing.

Get used to writing on small things

Write in this book! Scribble notes in the margin, circle tips to try, and jot down stuff to look up later at www.palmOne.com/support.

Expand your know-how

Pick the info source that suits you bestWhere to find it
My Handheld News and updates, info about software and accessories. It's all here, and it's all meant for your handheld only.www.palmOne.com/us/community/myhandheld/tungsten-e
Handbook Step-by-step instructions for mastering your handheld in a searchable, easy-to-read format.www.palmOne.com/us/support/tungstene/handbooks.html
Quick Tour Indispensable info to guide you through the first stages of getting to know your handheld. Practice writing here. On your handheld (go to the Home screen).
Online Support Troubleshooting, answers to general questions, how to get your handheld repaired, and other guides and downloads for your Tungsten E.www.palmOne.com/us/support/tungstene

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