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Chapter 6. Stream cool things > Real-time finance - Pg. 105

Stream cool things 105 Scott's staff put together its own portal expressly centered on marketing and PR suited to their business. Now, they access it all the time with their Treo smartphones. Real-time finance If it doesn't exist, create it palmOne Professional Services offers workshops to help identify and integrate mobile technologies into various industries. They also offer assessment, prototyping, proof of concept applications, and full lifecycle implemen- tation. See for details. Off the shelf Many off-the-shelf apps can be customized to suit your specific needs. Call or write the vendor directly. Developers Hundreds of software developers work in the Palm OS ® environment and can build mobile software for your company's specific use, no matter the industry. For more details, see Real-time information is critical to industries the world over, and your Treo smartphone is uniquely positioned to keep you in touch with this rapidly moving world. While these pages focus on the realm of finance, they could have also covered similar solutions that are available in real estate, healthcare,