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Chapter 2. Speedy phone techniques - Pg. 23

23 Chapter 2. Speedy phone techniques What's in the manual The Treo TM smartphone manuals are divided in chapters based on how long you've had your smartphone: First Day, First Week, First Month, and so on. To get the most out of this book, you should be well into your first week or month of use. If you haven't read your manual yet, do so. This chapter talks about the fast, cool things you can do with your smartphone and assumes you know the basics of the Phone app. The Treo TM smartphone is built for speed. It's an entire office in a phone that is always with you. If your business and personal hours aren't clearly defined, then the Treo can simplify your life by keeping you in touch and managing your communications. To help you and your Treo along, it's useful to know a few shortcuts ­ like viewing the Call Log after a long meeting to see who has called, rather than listening to voicemail. Follow along and try these tips and techniques with your Treo smartphone in hand.