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Chapter 7. Smartphone-friendly applications > Frequent fliers - Pg. 115

Smartphone-friendly applications Tip 115 Using a VPN connection to a corporate email account via IMAP (using VersaMail ora similar app) will enable you to receive and send attachments for seamless mobile office usage. View Adobe Acrobat files This popular format isn't easy for smartphones to view ­ you must convert Acrobat files on your PC first and then sync them to an Acrobat Reader for Palm. Documents To Go will view text-based PDF files, and GoodLink does a good job of converting PDF to readable text. Acrobat converters If an Adobe PDF file is on the Internet, send the file's URL in the body of an email message to <>. You'll receive a text-only reply. Or attach an Acrobat PDF file in an email message to thesame email address. Select text An application called TreoSelecText allows you to select and highlight text easily withthe 5-way. At about $5, it will quickly pay for itself in time saved. Frequent fliers