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Chapter 4. Messaging and email > Speedy email techniques

Speedy email techniques

Purge your email

Purge old email monthly to save memory space. (Some email programs put deleted email in Trash but don't empty it.)

Editing files

You cannot edit doc or .xls files with the Docs To Go version included with the Treo 600 smartphone. Upgrade to the full version, however, and you get instant ability to edit MS Office docs after opening them. More importantly, you have the Send command in Docs To Go to send them out again.

Group addresses

List multiple email addresses in a new Contacts record, separated by a comma in a single email field. Give the record a name like “Senior Staff.” In email, use Menu + L for lookup and find it by typing S + S.

The key to using email effectively on your smartphone is to take advantage of downtime, whether you're in line at the supermarket or waiting for your kid's music lesson to end. These chunks of usable time are often short, so it's important to know how to get your email fast. This small book can't cover all the tips and techniques of every email app. If you want your mobile email usage to be fast, efficient, and free from errors, it's worth your time to read the manual that came with your email app.

Multiple accounts

Use multiple accounts for your different business, family, hobby, and online lives. Most personal email apps can check up to five accounts. Save your business email address for business.


While VersaMail,® SnapperMail, and other email apps have filtering features, sign on with your service provider (such as Earthlink) for filtering before it even comes to your Treo.

Email text tips

Fast caps

Buy KeyCapsTreo 600 utility software to make your keyboard behave like Tungsten W and C. Holding down letters will capitalize them. Double-click to type the Option version of a letter.

View brief headers

Select the small page icon in the upper-right of an email to view brief headers and save screen space for reading. Select again to view full addressing headers.


Menu + U is the command for undo, which is often faster than correcting your last misspelled word by trying to get the cursor just right.

Remember the stylus

When you're checking and sending email, using your stylus can be more efficient – particularly when highlighting and copying text or email addresses.

Dictate it!

Consider a service called Copytalk (www.copytalk.com) to dictate notes, letters, and even email over the phone and have it sent back to you as an email. Then just cut and paste or forward to the intended recipient or into a Documents To Go file. Copytalk has other features and services along with dictation, too.

Fast scrolling

When reading email in VersaMail,® press Menu + B to speed scroll to the bottom of the email. Press Menu +T to speed scroll to the top.

Delete text

Delete single characters in an email by using Backspace. To delete whole words rather than one letter at a time, hold down Shift + Backspace.

Have accounts like MSN, Yahoo!, Hotmail?

Use GopherKing for access to a variety of email accounts in a web-based interface.

Email pro tips

  • Make use of ping and trace commands (unsupported) in the Log of Network preferences (Applications > Prefs > Network > Menu > Options > View Log), tap to create the cursor, type ?, and press Return for command help.

  • Use free POP accounts such as www.hotpop.com for troubleshooting an account. If the test account works, you can focus on ISP problems.

  • To read Usenet Newsgroups use the app, New Yanoff, available at www.palmyanoff.com.


For a list of ISP POP/SMTP server names, go to www.cewindows.net/wce/isp.html. It includes an international page of ISP settings.

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