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Chapter 4. Messaging and email > The Treo 650 Inbox

The Treo 650 Inbox

VersaMail Prefs

Much of the power and utility of VersaMail comes from the Preferences settings. Select Menu + R from within VersaMail to access and set preferences:

  • Display: How your inbox appears. Be sure to give read and unread email different colors.

  • Deletion: Check the auto-delete frequency so your Treo smartphone doesn't fill itself with unwanted mail.

  • Delivery Options: Opt to download attachments or leave them on the server.

  • Auto Sync: Somewhat hidden in prefs are the email alert sounds (instead of in the system Sounds & Alerts preference).

  • Server: If you use a computer to check email, be sure to check the Leave on Server option, so you get email on your PC.

VersaMail® is the Treo 650 onboard email client. It is a full-function, powerful email application that supports both POP3 and IMAP email accounts. It handles attachments, and you can set auto-delivery of your email by both the day of the week and the time of the day. VersaMail also takes advantage of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to get mail directly from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

Create new folders

Store correspondence in special folders for access and filing. Select Edit Folders in the upper-right pick list where you see inbox and outbox, and create a new folder just like a new category. To file email in the new folder, tap the bullet to the left of any message so it's checked, then select Menu +V to move it there.

Real Life

Michelle has multiple accounts on her Treo 650 smartphone. Her business email account is set to auto sync every half hour, and she has created filters to only allow email directly from her company. So when her email alert sounds off, she knows it's important new email.

The Treo 650 and attachments


There is no standard on how Palm OS® email clients handle attachments for inbound and outbound email. Each client is a little bit different, but all are attempting to give you the same experience you get on your computer. Most email programs will let you receive email attachments, and at least view them.


VersaMail on the Treo 650 smartphone will let you send and receive vCard, vCal, Applications, MS Office files, Memos (text), Photos, Videos, and Sounds. Inbound attachments can be saved to flash memory or your expansion card.

Documents To Go

The full version of Documents To Go on the Treo 650 smartphone adds attachment support for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files. In addition to reading, creating, and editing these files, you can also send them via email attachments.

Sending attachments

To send the kinds of files that don't show from your email's insert attachment command, try using Send from inside the app that supports the file. For example, try attaching a shareware game file from the Applications screen by selecting Applications > Menu > App > Send.

ZIP attachments

VersaMail and SnapperMail are smart enough to be able to open ZIP file attachments and to open known file types inside the zip.

Icon to look for

VersaMail tips

  • When replying to email, don't include the original text, because it adds considerable size to the email.Select Menu + R to go to VersaMail preferences, select Reply Options, and choose Don't include original text.

  • Create group email lists in Contacts by creating a new address with multiple email addresses separated by a comma plus a space. Give the group a name and it will be available in the lookup field.

  • Group email lists can also be created as a Favorite, accessible from the Phone app.

  • To manage attachments better, try unchecking the Download attachments checkbox in the Delivery Options preference of VersaMail. When you receive a new email with an attachment you want, select it to download.

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