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Chapter 4. Messaging and email > Multimedia messaging

Multimedia messaging

Different ways to send an MMS message

  • Open your MMS application and select New. (Go to Messaging > Menu >New MMS.)

  • Open Camera. Select an existing picture or take a new one. Select Send (Share), then choose MMS. On the Treo 650 smartphone, you can do the same with a video.

  • Open Applications > Sounds, select Manage, choose a tone, and then select Send. Choose Messaging from the list of options to send the tone.

Real Life

Paula's staffers are constantly going to trade shows, and they send each other quick MMS slide shows of products, booths, and cool ideas they run across.

With Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) you can send and receive photos, video, sound, and text files to either a similarly equipped mobile phone or an email address. SMS may be blazingly efficient, but MMS is downright fun. For example, MMS can contain multiple pages with sound and images. You can draw on photos, too, perfect for birthday or wish-you-were-here salutations.


The Sprint network offers PictureMail rather than MMS to share images. Recipients receive an email or a text message with links to a web page where the message can be viewed.

Follow up

Treo smartphones auto send MMS messages in the background. If you create them while on a call, they'll queue up until the phone call is over, and then they will be sent.

Can't receive an MMS message?

Do you have MMSenabled?

You won't be able to receive an MMS message unless you have MMS services enabled on your mobile account. Contact your carrier (and ask about any additional charges for MMS).

Have you sent an MMSmessage yet?

Before you can receive MMS messages, some carriers require you to send an MMS message. This extra step activates MMS, letting the system know it's capable. Send yourself an MMS message.

Did the sender address it correctly?

If all else fails, make sure the sender has your phone number right and is able to send MMS messages on his or her mobile account. Note: Because the carrier networks are not all integrated, MMS does not always work across different carriers. Try a test to find out.

Not sending fast enough?

MMS works in the background. If you have MMS messages queued, waiting to be sent, but you're active with other apps or on the phone, it will wait until a lull occurs and then send.

Conference calls

During a conference call, take pictures of the room, the people, and the white board and send them to people on the conference call.

Before meetings

Use MMS to send a map to a meeting spot, or if you're meeting a contact for the first time, a picture of yourself.

Icons to look for

MMS pictures of…

  • Your frozen laptop screen to your IT staff

  • Last night's party

  • Your vacation in progress to friends

  • Home and family to a traveling spouse


Photograph your house, car, or boat to document condition for your insurance. If something happens, send photos afterwards as part of your claim.

Go to

  • Send your photos via MMS. For more about camera usage see pages 8083.

  • For how to create multiple-page MMS messages, see your Treo manual.

  • The Treo 650 smartphone can send video clips, too. See your manual's section on video and messaging.

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