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Text messaging

Icons to look for

A rose by any other name

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is also known as Text Messaging, Texting, Messaging, and more. The maximum size is 160 characters, although some networks will split a longer message into two (and charge for both), while others will truncate it. Check with your carrier.

SMS tips

Because SMS does not require data services, you can use SMS instead of email when in an area with poor data service coverage. Send messages using email addresses if your recipients don't have SMS-enabled cellphones. An SMS message can have multiple recipients, too.

SMS (Short Messaging Service), or text messaging, allows mobile phones to send and receive text messages. Since the first such message in 1992, messaging has grown phenomenally–so much so that TV shows now use SMS for polling their audiences live. From love notes to sales updates, send short messages for speed: Meeting canceled or Be home in 15. You can also treat SMS like IM chat and your SMS conversations will thread together unlike any other phone.

Competitive edge

When you're in a conference with clients you can SMS your peers: What's he talking about? or That's not true. It's a competitive way to communicate on the side. If using your smartphone for the conference call, you can talk and simultaneously send or receive messages.

Google SMS

Send short queries to the shortcode 46645 (GOOGL on your smartphone). For example write pizza 67888 to receive the name and phone numbers of pizza parlors in the 67888 ZIP code. Get phone numbers, prices, and definitions in less than a minute. Go to http://sms.google.com.

Email to SMS

When someone sends an email to these addresses, it arrives on your handset as SMS text.


[area code][phone number]@mobile.att.net

Bell Mobility PCS

1[area code][phone number]@txt.bellmobility.ca


1[area code][phone number]@mobile.mycingular.com

Rogers Wireless

1[area code][phone number]@pcs.rogers.com

Sprint PCS

1[area code][phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com


1[area code][phone number]@tmomail.net


1[area code][phone number]@vtext.com

IM and Chat

Are you a fan of Yahoo!, ICQ, MSN, or AOL chat networks? Instant messaging works great on the smartphone, and it's mobile. Try downloading Verichat, Chatter, or Mundu instant messaging software from any of the websites listed on page 110. Some email clients mix SMS and email into one interface, as with Agendus Mail.

Insert emoticons

Your Treo smartphone contains emoticons like smiley faces to use in SMS. While in a text field of a new message, press and hold the Center button of the 5-way, and the emoticon list will appear. Scroll with the 5-way and press Center to select one and insert it. If you are messaging to a normal cell phone, the emoticons will convert to alphabetic characters such as ; ).

Send immediately

After addressing and entering the text, press Center to highlight the Send button. Press Center again to send.

Multiple SMS recipients

Add multiple recipients to an SMS message by doing a Contacts lookup multiple times. If you are unsure whether they all have a SMS-enabled phone, send it to their email addresses. Note: your mobile service provider may charge you for each recipient to whom you send the message.


Paste QuickText, popular predefined phrases, into your message fast without typing. To edit entries select Menu > Options > Edit QuickText. Modify existing phrases to suit your needs first (they're listed by creation date, so they'll show at the top). Create a QuickText with your phone number in it such as – Call me at 555-555-5555 – so other Treo users can call you by simply selecting the number.

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