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Chapter 4. Messaging and email

Chapter 4. Messaging and email

Onboard help

The Treo 650 smartphone's onboard email app is VersaMail,® and the Treo 600 smartphone's is Mail. They are decidedly different email programs and are, of course, well covered in the user manuals. When working with these email applications, use the onboard help systems for guidance. Wherever you see a in the corner of a Preferences or Settings screen, tap it. You'll have to use your finger or your stylus, as the 5-way navigator doesn't get up there.

All those small gaps in your day can now be put to good use with the onboard email applications that come with your Treo smartphone. You can get your email and attachments in near real time – and respond to them before even returning to your desk. With SMS and MMS messaging, you can instantly communicate with other phones, or receive dispatches from your peers. In fact, your network may use SMS messages to send you new voicemail and email notifications. These three powerful communication programs – SMS, MMS, and email –are at the heart of what makes a smartphone so smart.

Carrier plans

Most cellular voice plans include SMS (text messages) as part of their basic package. However, you need to activate data services from your carrier to send or receive email and access the web. An unlimited data usage plan is a wise option, especially if your email usage tends to be heavy.


SMS messages can be sent to both SMS phones and to someone's email address. MMS is for sending photos or audio as part of the actual message.

Go to

For more info on the world of SMS and messaging, go to www.textually.org.

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