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About this book > Moving info to the Treo smartphone

Moving info to the Treo smartphone

Use the same username

When synchronizing your new Treo smartphone, use the same username as the older device.

Other devices

If you can transfer your info to Outlook or Palm Desktop, follow the steps beginning with Step 2 to the right. This method relies on your computer's PIM app to transfer its info to the Treo smartphone after the first sync. For more on Outlook, see page 46. For more on enterprise-wide Outlook solutions, see page 73.


If your older Palm OS device beams, you can beam entire calendars, address books, and categories of records to your Treo smartphone. See page 52 for more on beaming.

If you own a Palm OS® handheld, organizer, or phone, such as devices from palmOne (formerly Palm), Handspring, HandEra, Kyocera, Sony, Symbol, or Samsung, you can move info on it to your Treo smartphone with a few quick steps.

Upgrading from an older device

Synchronize your old Palm OS device with your desktop computer.
Install the latest version of Palm® Desktop from the CD that came with your Treo smartphone.
Install the software in the same folder as your previous Palm Desktop software.
Connect your Treo smartphone using the sync cable.
Sync using the same username as your older Palm OS device.


If during installation your computer asks about quarantining applications, select Yes. It means you have older apps in your backup folder that should not be installed on your Treo smartphone.

Important points in migrating info

The best strategy

To avoid crashes and loops when upgrading from a Palm OS handheld to your Treo smartphone, only bring across personal data (contacts, calendar items, to-dos, and memos). Set aside your old personal apps in your user/backup folder for later install. You may have to reregister old software that has a registration key. If so, then consider purchasing a later version that is compatible with Treo smartphones.

Where is my user (backup) folder?

On a PC, the directory where you'll find your user folder is: c:\program files\palm\<username> or c:\program files\handspring\<username>. The username may be abbreviated. (Depending on how old the device is, another default path to look for is c:\palm.)

On a Mac

With Macintosh OS X, your user folder will be located in the Palm folder of your username's Documents folder.

Use a SIM card transfer

For GSM phones, such as those from Nokia, you may be able to use the “Import from SIM card” option in Contacts, after you have swapped the SIM card.

Use Outlook

You can also export your info from the older device, integrate it into your desktop PIM (such as Outlook), and then sync the desktop info to your Treo smartphone.

For Blackberry devices

First sync info to your computer's PIM application, such as Outlook, and then sync it back over to your new Treo smartphone. For more detailed instructions, see the support pages at www.palmOne.com.

Reinstall apps carefully

Do not reinstall any software in the following categories:

  • Dialing software

  • Ringtone software

  • Caller ID–related software

  • Saved Preferences.pdb (This file contains settings much like Windows Registry)

  • Hacks or HackMaster applications

  • PQA files (these no longer work with Treo smartphones)

  • Any software that tweaks wireless features of your former handheld

  • Any file that you cannot identify

  • Instant Messaging software

  • Profile manager software

  • Launcher replacement applications


Applications that are designed specifically for your Treo, especially the 5-way navigator, will take less of your time than trying to use older apps.

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