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About this book > Whisch carrier do you have?

Whisch carrier do you have?

Data services

Data services may be charged in addition to voice services.

CDMA's data technology is called 1xRTT.

GSM's data technology is called GPRS, soon to be replaced by EDGE.


CDMA networks cover North America and parts of the Caribbean and South America, as well as Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and elsewhere. Ask your carrier about what interroaming agreements they have.

While GSM is prevalent almost everywhere (see www.gsmworld.com/roaming), you should still contact your carrier about any barriers that might exist for your GPRS (data) roaming.

There is not yet a universal standard for mobile phone networks. In the United States and Canada there are two prevailing technologies: CDMA and GSM. Treo smartphones come in both CDMA and GSM versions. The options and services your carrier provides differ depending on whether your carrier uses a CDMA or GSM network. International travelers should check with their carriers for specific information about their destinations and how to use international services for both voice and data services. Assume that services vary from region to region and may not always be available.

Who has which network
Sprint PCS Verizon Wireless Bell MobilityAT&T Wireless Cingular Orange Rogers Wireless T-Mobile

Understanding the differences

It's in your manual

Because each carrier uses a different suite of software that works with its network technologies, please refer to your smartphone manual and your carrier's website for detailed information on the components of your Treo smartphone and how they specifically work together.

Buying software

Before you purchase software for Treo smartphones, always read the fine print on its compatibility with CDMA and GSM networks. And always download the trial version to test before you buy.

GSM SIM cards

You can change SIM cards between another GSM phone and your Treo smartphone if they are from the same carrier. (Some phones contain SIM locks which will prevent SIM card portability.)


Check www.palmOne.com for carrier-specific system updates.

Dual-band and quadband

A phone which supports more than one frequency band is known as a multiband phone. All Treo smartphones are multiband.

Treo CDMA smartphones are dual-band: 800 & 1900 MHz. Digital mode.

Treo GSM smartphones are quadband: 850, 900, 1800, & 1900 MHz. Digital mode.

SMS or email

SMS messages are sent and received using your smartphone's (voice) service, not its wireless data services. Email, on the other hand, uses the data services to send and receive email messages.When roaming, or when out of data range, consider using SMS messaging. You can send an SMS message to other SMS-enabled phones or to email addresses.

On the plane

Turn off your wireless connection on the plane but keep working with email, or finesse your schedule with your Treo's organizer applications. Listen to music or play a game.

Worry free

To use your smartphone's wireless capabilities, such as email, you need a data (or wireless) service contract. Each carrier has a different service plan, but in general, a monthly, unlimited data plan allows you to send and receive email and use the Internet without worrying about counting kilobytes.

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