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About this book > Which smartphone do you have?

Which smartphone do you have?

This book uses the following icons

for the Treo 650 smartphone

for the Treo 600 smartphone

This book and your smartphone

The Treo 650 and Treo 600 smartphones have different features depending on your carrier. Carriers offer different smartphone models, as well as unique on-board software, based on service capabilities and market demands. Since this book cannot reference every variation, always refer to your manual for specific instructions if the text or illustrations seem slightly different than what's on your screen.

No cameras

Treo smartphones are available without cameras. See www.palmOne.com.

This pocket guide is a fast reference to the best tips and techniques for your Treo smartphone. It covers both the Treo 650 and Treo 600 smartphones. The two are almost identical in size and share much of the same basic feature set, but they are also decidedly different from each other. This book will point out the differences, and it will use the icons to the left to identify features that belong to one smartphone or the other. If there's no icon, then the feature is common to both devices.

The Treo 650 (left) main phone screen is one very visible example of how it differs from the Treo 600. See page 5 for more on how to customize the phone screen for either smartphone model.

Treo 650 smartphone

Treo 600 smartphone

The Treo 650

  • High-resolution, 320 x 320 color screen

  • Built-in VGA camera with improved low-light performance and video capture

  • Supports Exchange ActiveSync for Microsoft Exchange 2003 server

  • Integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology

  • Improved keyboard and backlighting

  • Palm OS® 5.4 with 312 MHz Processor

  • Non-volatile memory when battery is removed

The Treo 600

  • CSTN backlit display and a backlit keyboard

  • VGA digital camera

  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with up to 4 hours talk time, 10 days standby time

  • 144 MHz Arm processor

  • Palm OS® 5.2.1H with SD/MMC expansion slot

  • Polyphonic MIDI ringtones and vibration mode

  • Stereo audio headset-compatible plus a speakerphone

  • Creative Edge
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